Introduction to Third Eye Publishing

How to Use Third Eye Publishing

This site is one of a network of sites that we use to disseminate information we’ve acquired concerning psychic phenomena, conspiracy, self development, the nature of reality, and any related materials. We will over the course of time feature certain authors, experts, and even regular everyday people who have experienced extraordinary things.

The topics will vary into a wide range of topics with the overall aim to give you material that will help you to expand your understanding of the true nature of this world and your place in it. To help you to open your mind and get past the limiting beliefs that have held you in place for the majority of your life. We want you to question everything you read, see, hear, taste, and feel. We want to help you to break free of the bonds whatever they may be for you in particular that keeps you from being able to truly express who you are.

This site is a resource for you and we will work to add new information as often as we can. Share it, discuss it, absorb it, and let it spark questions and maybe even some uncomfortable feelings from time to time so that you will know that you are breaking your conditioning. This will often make you feel anxious but learn to look at these feelings as a way of challenging the artificial beliefs that exist only within your mind and which don’t necessarily represent the truth and really act as a way to partition you from the truth.

We hope you enjoy this but more importantly we hope that this material helps you open up to new possibilities.

Thank You for being here.

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