Where to Begin?

Where to Start when you want to make a change…

According to our featured expert, Houston psychic Rozanne Baronne, there are many times in a person’s life when they feel that they need to make a change. It might be changing a job, a relationship, school, moving to a new location or it may be something much more important. It is important to note that whenever someone feels a strong urge to make a big life change and that change comes on suddenly, overwhelmingly, and seemingly from left field, it can be a big indicator that Destiny is calling.

Many people believe that as spiritual beings we came here with a purpose and a plan to work that purpose. Now depending upon your particular belief system that purpose may be God’s plan for you or a plan that you agreed to and contracted to do, or it may be something that you planned out as an eternal soul in order to progress in your spiritual knowledge. Ultimately, to us, the actual way it has been set into motion is unimportant. What is important is that it is real and it is something that can both enrich your life and disrupt it to no end.

One of the clues that your spiritual path, life path, life mission, or whatever you want to call it…has kicked in is that you will often feel an overwhelming sense or urgency. Sometimes this urgency is similar to adrenaline and sometimes it is similar to fear. It all depends on your current beliefs and situation at the time that this spiritual message kicks in. Many people even experience these events as as panic attacks. But, ultimately the message is good for you and will enrich your life if you take the time to figure it out.

Some people have been conditioned so much against such things that they try to mask the feelings with drugs, anti-depressants, or simply to write it off as their imagination. The problem is that the messenger will never rest until the message is delivered. The strength of the message will grow over time. Of course you always have free will and can ultimately choose to ignore it, but it will come back from time to time throughout your life to prompt you to get back on task so to speak.

One of the ways you will know that this is a spiritual message versus everyday anxiety is that you will start to experience synchronicities or coincidences that defy logic and mathematical chance. We like to think of this as a sort of natural intelligent mechanism in place in the world put there to help you know it’s not just your imagination. Is it God, a conscious universe, unseen entities, or you making it happen? Honestly it’s probably a combination of all of it with the Supreme Being being responsible for how it works but who has given us the free will to decide how we want to play and learn in this particular reality. But, don’t get caught up in the How To’s. We are humans and probably will never understand it.

The important thing is that we cultivate a belief that allows these types of events to happen rather than ones that just write them off. Believes are perceptual filters and you can ignore and label these things in your mind as if they have never happened. The good thing about synchronicity is that it is often so in your face that you would have to be crazier to ignore it or write it off than you would be to say okay…something is going on here.

So, if you are at that stage where you feel as though you need to make a major change, this change has come upon you suddenly (even though you may have been aware of it your whole life), and your are starting to experience strange coincidences, messages, or even paranormal stuff, chances are you are at a point where you either haven’t taken the steps you needed to take yet to get where you are suppose to go or it is simply time for you to remember and get moving. The next thing to do if this is the case is to accept it for what it is and then do your best to follow the steps and clues set out for you.

It won’t always be easy but the synchronicities exist to point you in the right direction and will often point out materials and resources that will help you get your answers. This may come in the form of certain books with similar themes, or articles, or people talking about certain subjects that keep coming up, or even clues to have you go to certain locations and meet certain people. We’ll get more into this later but for now we urge you to absorb this and to open yourself up to the possibility that this is natural and happens to most people at one time or another whether they recognize it or not. And as a disclaimer to that many people don’t experience it quite the way we laid out because they are already on their path. The rest either ignore it, write it off, bury the feelings, or use it as an opportunity to start on their new adventure.

Good Luck and we hope this helps.


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